• Focus Entertainment confirmed PvP will be part of Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2, but quickly removed the information from its website.
  • YouTuber Chapter Master Valrak reveals screenshots of the deleted content, including a statement confirming PvP play.

Publisher Focus Entertainment has seemingly confirmed that player-versus-player action will be a part of the upcoming Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2 before swiftly and silently deleting that information from its own website for the game.

The news was brought to light on Sunday by YouTuber Chapter Master Valrak, who specializes in creating informative Warhammer content. Valrak released a nearly eight-minute video that includes screenshots of images that have been deleted from the game's official website, including one that appears to confirm the presence of PvP despite Focus Entertainment not having previously announced PvP being part of the game.

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Having previously done a livestream when the now-deleted additions went up on Space Marine 2's website, the YouTuber was able to share an image overlaid with text that reads, "FIGHT FOR GLORY WITH OR AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS", with a subheading stating "Continue the story of legendary ultramarine Lieutenant Titus in a thrilling solo or 3-player coop [sic] campaign, or play as your own space marine in PvP and PvE modes."

"This is the first time that they've officially mentioned that it's in the game," he noted. The reason that's a big deal for him is that he and other members of the community had been concerned about the direction Focus may choose to go regarding PvP play.

As for why the information has been removed, Valrak speculated that someone behind the game's website simply jumped the gun on releasing the information. He noted Focus is planning its own livestream event this coming Wednesday, on August 30. That online event will cover multiple games, including Space Marine 2, and he's expecting the official reveal of the PvP content to happen during that stream.

Some things about the PvP still remain in question, such as the total player count. Sharing his opinions, Valrak noted he would like to see 16v16 matches, or at minimum, 12v12. "The problem with 8v8 is that it just got very boring and it didn't feel like you're in a big war," he said. "It's just more like a little skirmish battle here and there...and when you have more players, you feel like you're a part of that epic battle; that epic war."

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