• Someone has compiled numerous grammatical and typographical errors in Diablo 4, ranging from basic English mistakes to misspellings of in-game character and creature names.
  • Players are calling out Blizzard for releasing a shoddily put-together product with a high price tag.

Diablo 4 has been an odd release in 2023. The hype leading up to the game's launch was huge, as were its initial sales figures. But as time has worn on, Blizzard's action RPG seems to be generating a lot more criticism than praise, from its homogenous world design to its awkwardly stacked economy.

But one Reddit user has recently uncovered a new fault in the system, and it's one that a lot of people seem to be taking note of—a slew of grammatical and typographical errors.

The flaws were pointed out over the weekend by Redditor Aeretes, who posted screenshots of 16 different instances of the in-game text showing some kind of error. These range from basic English grammar and punctuation—there are multiple occurrences of the word "it's" being used to show possession rather than a combination of "it" and "is"—to misspellings of in-lore characters and creatures. For example, two separate objective descriptions in the quest Bad Blood refer to a potion rumored to have the ability to turn people in Nangiri. That's not a term that pops up in Diablo 4, although there is a race of serpentine people known as Nangari.

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Other quest objective descriptions indicate the wrong names for characters. An objective in Guardians of the Pit instructs the player to return to Heldam, which appears to be a misspelling of Heddam, while a Fungal Remedies description informs you that "Aria's sickness may have spread" despite the diseased woman's name being Marta.

Perhaps most egregious, however, is the accidental accusation of incest against a character during the Whispers from Below quest. While Roina identifies two drowned boys in front of Cecil's house as his grandchildren, the quest description instead points to Cecil as "their father". Concludes Aeretes, "So... Cecil knocked up his own daughter?"

Although marked as "Fluff," the post has been receiving a lot of attention from other players, who have been calling out Blizzard for a shoddily put-together product with a AAA price tag, as well as a slew of accuastions that unqualified interns had been hired to write the offending descriptions.

"Interns are practically free and produce work. So interns it is!" commented one person in the subreddit. "Proofreading? They didn't even play their own game let alone read any of it!!" said another. "Also, they forgot to put Diablo, in Diablo."

Another commenter, Hate_Feight, equated lack of attention to detail in Diablo 4 with the equally criticized FPS Halo Infinite, stating, "Needless to say the similarities are astounding."

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