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Wyatt Grondin is a near life-long gamer who often goes for 100 percent completion ever since the days of Spyro 2. A fan of JRPGs and story-heavy games, he hopes to use his skills as a writer to help those also looking to check off those last few boxes in their favorite games.

Immortals Of Aveum needs a better story 1
Immortals Of Aveum Needs To Pick A Plot And Stick With It

How many times can you pull the rug out of under us before you run out of rugs?

Split Image Immortals Of Aveum Cinder Ring With Yltheum Puzzle Temple 1
Immortals Of Aveum: How To Get The Cinder Ring

Don't miss this early item that will heavily boost your blastwave damage.

Untitled design-34 1
DBZ Kakarot's New DLC Is The Perfect Callback To Dragon Ball's Best Arc

Forget from Raditz to Buu, we're going back to Piccolo.

Ni No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom Solosseum Victory Screen With Xbox Achievement PlayStation 4 and 5 Platinum Trophies Steam Achievement Ribbon and Crying angry Emoji 1
Dead Rising series zombie gameplay 1
Whatever Happened To Dead Rising?

Sure seems to be dead, not too sure on the rising.

_766febbd-6e3b-477a-a833-2d39d01830e5 1
Baldur's Gate 3 Speaks My Language With Its Smashable Doors

Why spend half an hour looking for the key when firebolts are an option?

The Best Xbox One Exclusive Was A Bundle Featured Image 1
The Best Xbox One Exclusive Was Actually A Bundle

Press A, hooray, it's time to praise the greatest retro compilation ever made.

John Marston from Red Dead Redemption 2 1
I'm Glad Red Dead Redemption Is Getting A Port Instead Of A Remake

An overhaul always sounds great, but it risks losing something in the process

xbox one was a great streaming device 1
Twisted Metal Split Image Peacock Show Logo With Twisted Metal 2 Mortimor And Krista Sparks and Twisted Metal Black Billy Ray Stillwell 1
Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal: 10 Characters Who Should Be In Season 2

From fan favorites to surprised picks, there are a lot of characters left who deserve the chance to shine in a potential season 2 of Twisted Metal!

Twisted Metal Split Image John Doe With Sweet Tooth And Pizza Boy 1
Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal: Every Character From The Games, Ranked

There have been many cars and drivers throughout the games, and here's everyone the show grabs from worst to best.

Twisted Metal Split Image Show Logo With Sweet Tooth From 1, Black, And Small Brawl 1
Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal: 10 Best References To The Games

With 9 games to pull from, season 1 of Twisted Metal manages to give love to each entry in only 10 episodes.

TV show Twisted Metal Season 1 scenes 1
Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal Season 1 Ending Explained

With season 1 of Twisted Metal now finished, there are a lot of questions only a second season can answer.

Far Cry 5 shrines and The Pilgrimage Path gameplay 1
Far Cry 5: All Shrine Locations

Looking for all of the Shrines in Far Cry 5? Here's every location, to save you the hassle.

Super Mario Odyssey Split Image Marion Underwater Near Pixel Pipe With Customized Marion And Souvenir 1
Super Mario Odyssey: All Purple Coins In The Seaside Kingdom

There are a whopping 75 purple coins to collect in the Seaside Kingdom. Here's where to find them all.

Split Image Wolf Among Us 2, Clementine, Expanse, Telltale Games Logo 1
Telltale's Comeback Is A Bittersweet Experience For Me

The kings of narrative choices want to continue their reign, but as an old Telltale fan it's hard to forget their fall.

Ravenlok Split Image Evil Queen With Buvador And Weeping Fungi And Blessing 1
Ravenlok: Open The Shop Quest Walkthrough

From battling Buvador to completing Enid the Witch's Blessing, here's how to complete Ravenlok's Open The Shop quest.

Split Image The Last Of Us Part 1 Remastered With Twisted Metal 2012 1
A Twisted Metal Revival Is Just What PlayStation Needs Right Now

It's time for fewer 3rd-person sad dads and more destruction derbies.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and Breath Of The Wild Link battle gameplay 1
Tears of the Kingdom Reminds Me Why I Gave Up On Breath Of The Wild

Turn out that you can be offered too much freedom in a game.

Far Cry 5 All Comic Book Locations Featured Image 1
Far Cry 5: All Comic Book Locations

Looking to collect every comic book in Far Cry 5? Here are all of their locations.

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