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Koyomi Hestia and Lucy Feature 1
10 Anime With The Best Fan Service

Anime with notable fan service, like To LOVE-Ru, Kill la Kill, and Fairy Tail, often blend allure with good storytelling.

Best Maids in Anime, Rem and Tohru 1
10 Best Maids In Anime, Ranked

These iconic maids aren't just loved for their cute looks, they are integral parts of the greater storytelling. Here are the best maids in anime.

Lucy Erza Irene Mirajane collage from Fairy Tail 1
Fairy Tail: 10 Strongest Women, Ranked

From Lucy Heartfilia to Irene Belserion, here are some of the strongest women in the Fairy Tail anime series.

Alois William and Sebastian Feature 1
Black Butler: 10 Best Characters, Ranked

From Alois Trancy to Ciel Phantomhive, here are some of the best characters in Black Butler.

Acnologia Natsu and Sting Feature 1
Fairy Tail: 10 Most Powerful Dragon Slayers, Ranked

From Erik to Acnologia, here are some of the strongest Dragon Slayers in Fairy Tail.

Erza Motoko and Yoruichi Feature 1
10 Best Female Fighters In Anime

Anime is full of impressive fighter, and these women are among the very best!

Fairy Tail split image four different types of magic being used 1
Fairy Tail: 10 Best Types Of Magic, Ranked

From Celestial Spirit Magic to the infamous Black Arts, these are the best types of magic in all of Fairy Tail.

Acnologia Zeref Dragneel Gray Fullbuster Feature 1
Fairy Tail: 10 Strongest Characters, Ranked

From Gray Fullbuster to Natsu Dragneel, here are the strongest and the most fearsome Fairy Tail characters.

A collage depicting Vegeta, Zeldris, Gaara, and Teruki 1
10 Best Anime Villains Who Turned Into Heroes

From Vegeta to Gaara, here are some of the best anime villains who later turned into heroes.

Anime  featured Naruto Uzumaki, Mob, Monkey D. Luffy 1
10 Best Anime Studios, Ranked

This list breaks down the best, most impactful, and most accomplished anime studios out there today.

Split image Lucy Natsu And Happy From Fairy Tail posing  1
Fairy Tail: 10 Best Story Arcs, Ranked

From Sub-Zero Emperor Lyon to Grand Magic Games, these are the most action-packed, emotional and gripping story arcs in Fairy Tail history.

Hiro Mashima and Fairy Tail are back with more anime, Natsu's adventures in the 100 Years Quest manga are coming to TV, first trailer. 1
Fairy Tail Sequel 100 Years Quest Anime Announced, First Trailer

Hiro Mashima and Fairy Tail are back with more anime, Natsu's adventures in the 100 Years Quest manga are coming to TV, first trailer.

Berserk creator Tribute Kentaro Miura Berserk author mangaka 1
Yoko Taro
Fairy Tail, Black Butler, Hajime no Ippo - Berserk Tribute Messages Translated

Tributes to Kentaro Miura from other authors

Edens Zero anime release date netflix 1
Edens Zero Anime Release Date - Where to Watch The Fairy Tail Successor?

Edens Zero, the new Hiro Mashima anime of Fairy Tail fame, is starting in Japan, when's the release date for the English version on Netflix?

Edens Zero Game Konami TGS 2020 Stream 1
Edens Zero By Hiro Mashima Is Getting A Game by Konami, Details Coming At TGS 2020

Hiro Mashima himself and several guests will fully reveal the Edens Zero game adaptation by Konami at Tokyo Game Show 2020.

Fairy Tail Review — Far From The #1 Guild

A mediocre JRPG, Fairy Tail does only the bare minimum with what it offers. It's a game for dedicated fans, but fans deserve a better game.

Fairy Tail RPG bonus costumes feature 1
Fairy Tail RPG Costumes Showcased in New Special Trailer

The Digital Deluxe version, and copies of Fairy Tail RPG bought within a certain time-limit after launch will include some bonus costumes.

Fairy Tail RPG Delayed again 1
Fairy Tail RPG Delayed from June to July 2020 (Updated)

Koei Tecmo announced Fairy Tail RPG was delayed again due to the Covid-19 pandemic slowing down development schedule.

Fairy Tail RPG Screenshots Duel Erza Wendy Feature 1
Fairy Tail RPG New Trailer, Screenshots Reveal Duels, Guild Level

Koei Tecmo, Gust shared new details on Fairy Tail RPG including duels, the guild upgrade system, and character profiles for the Guest Characters.

Fairy Tail RPG Trailer OST Preview 1
Fairy Tail RPG Story Trailer Revealed Alongside OST Preview and Screenshots

Koei Tecmo and Gust shared a new trailer and an OST preview for the RPG adaptation of Fairy Tail coming to Switch, PS4 and PC.