• The Darkness may be getting a revival, according to a tweet from the CEO of NightDive Studios.
  • NightDive Studios has not made any official announcements about The Darkness remaster.

The Darkness, a horror-themed FPS that was first released 16 years ago, may be getting a revival, if a tweet from the CEO of one development studio is to be believed.

Stephen Kick is CEO of NightDive Studios, a U.S.-based developer best known for reviving games that have fallen under the category of abandonware, a general term that tends to refer to software that is not considered viable and has not been actively in use by its creator and intellectual property owner. Late on Saturday, Kick responded to a post on Twitter from one gamer who ecpessed an urge to play The Darkness without booting up his PlayStation 3 and was hopeful someone would remaster the game and port it to PC. "ITS ON THE LIST," Kick's response reads.

NightDive has not made any official announcements on its website regarding a remaster of The Darkness, however. The last set of updates on its news page is filled with recent announcements about other games the studio is working to remaster—Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion and Star Wars: Dark Forces, which made their respective debuts in 2000 and 1995.

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Developed by Swedish company Starbreeze Studios—which this year released Payday 3—and published by 2K, The Darkness originally released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in June of 2007. In addition to the gunplay that comes pretty standard in first-person shooters, players were also able to employ dark powers against their enemies, such as sending implings to swarm their foes, and they could increase the effectiveness of their darkness powers by eliminating sources of light. A single sequel, The Darkness 2, followed in 2012, developed by Digital Extremes. Both games were generally well accepted by critics and the public alike, but only the sequel ever received an official PC release.

As for NightDive Studios, nothing else has been said regarding a planned revival of The Darkness, and no timeline has been established for its planned release. However, considering the other two recently-announced remasters the company is trying to bring forth, it's likely that it will be quite some time before we're able to see a more modernized version of the classic FPS.

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