• The Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for social gaming with friends and family, offering a variety of fun and engaging party games.
  • Games like "Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes" and "Overcooked 2" require communication and teamwork skills, leading to hilarious and chaotic moments.
  • Titles like "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" and "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" provide endless fun and competition with their diverse gameplay and large character rosters.

When it comes to getting friends and family together through gaming, the Nintendo Switch is known for being the perfect console for doing just that. Nintendo as a company is all about creating a social experience with the games in its library to back it up.

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Regardless if you’re at a birthday party, a family gathering, or even with strangers, you’re bound to have a fun time if a Nintendo Switch is present. Everything just comes down to picking the right games to play ensuring that everyone involved has a great time. Since it can be difficult to do so, this list will help you with just that.

Updated on August 26, 2023 by Chris Harding: This list was updated to include a video (featured below.)

10 Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to defuse a bomb? How about doing so, but only your friend can give you instructions on how to do it. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes has you and one other person doing just that. As simple as it sounds, it can actually prove to be very difficult.

It goes without saying that communication and listening skills are needed in order to be successful here. At times, you’ll end up screaming at each other and laughing nonstop when you fail, and that’s the best part about the game.

9 Tricky Towers

Tricky Towers Towers Falling

Tricky Towers is what you would get if you had Tetris but with physics. Up to four players have to compete with each other and stock up blocks as high as possible. The person who ends up with the tallest tower and the end of the game wins. No skill whatsoever is needed as anything can happen in a matter of seconds.

There are also power-ups that you can grab in order to mess with the other people around you making things much harder for them. Be prepared for an anxiety-inducing time as you focus on trying to not knock your own tower over.

8 Nintendo Switch Sports


While it doesn’t hold the same platform as the original Wii Sports title, Nintendo Switch Sports still proves to be an exciting time with friends and family. Some older sports are present in the game such as bowling and tennis with new ones added like soccer and chambara.

Depending on what type of sport you play, up to four people can get active together. The game includes customization options, so everyone can make their character unique giving them personality. The games themselves don’t last too long so if someone ends up getting tired, they can swap out with somebody else.

7 Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 Players Cooking

Overcooked 2 will have you causing an absolutely chaotic mess in the kitchen. With you and your team of chefs being tasked with making dishes and getting them out to customers, and can prove to be difficult as time goes on. Having perfect communication with your team helps since as the level progresses, things get faster and harder to keep up with.

Each level that you go through presents an even greater challenge that will have everyone in the room enter panic mode. Overcooked proves to be an exciting time regardless of who you decide to play with.

6 Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 Creating A Level

If you want to play something that will give you a challenge with the possibility of you ripping your hair out, then Super Mario Maker 2 is just right for you. What makes this game so amazing is the amount of creative freedom that it brings to the table. You can make your own Mario level how you want.

Not only that but you can play ones created by other people around the world. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the type of levels that you may encounter. Creating challenges with your friends and family is one way to create competition with one another.

5 Jackbox Party Packs

Jackbox Party Packs Quiplash

The Jackbox Party Pack has been a party stable for years now. With the series itself having its ninth installment recently released, it’s no surprise that many have taken a liking to the franchise itself. The best part about these packs is the wide variety of games that can be played within them, giving a little something for everyone.

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There is no player limit on who can play and the only thing you need in order to join in on the fun is a device that can connect to the internet. You’re not going to be disappointed with The Jackbox Party Pack in the slightest.

4 Just Dance 2022


Get up and feel the rhythmic beat with Just Dance 2022. With all the songs ranging from old school to the music of today, you’ll never get tired of hearing the same song over and over again. Plus with DLC, new ones are constantly being added to the catalog. While up to six people can dance at once, there’s nothing stopping spectators from joining in on the fun and dancing beside you.

If you really want to get a party started, then Just Dance is just right for you. You’ll be the star of the party, plus it gives you an excuse to show off your sweet dance moves.

3 Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars Players Roling A Dice

Just as the name says, Mario Party Superstars is the perfect party game to play regardless of the event. Compared to its counterpart Super Mario Party, Superstars proves to be the better version as it goes back to its roots and plays very similarly to the original games.

Not only that, but the mini-games and the maps also include fan-favorite mini-games from the older titles. Getting a group of friends together here is going to ensure that laughter, screams, and exciting moments happen. There’s no greater feeling than stealing a star from someone else and winning from their misfortune.

2 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mario And Luigi Racing

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a game that anybody can play regardless if you’re new or a veteran of the title. With the wide variety of tracks, vehicle customization options, and characters present in the game, everyone will bring their own unique style to racing. You can change up the racing class freely as well in order to either speed things up or slow them down.

The different items that can come at you such as bombs, bananas, and the infamous blue shell always keep you on your toes. With how chaotic the races can be, no race is certain. Just because you’re in first doesn’t mean that’ll be the case in a span of 30 seconds.

1 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Characters Running

What kind of list would this be if Super Smash Bros. Ultimate wasn’t present? With its massive roster of characters from a giant variety of well-known franchises, there’s a lot of fun to be had here. Up to eight players can play at once so everyone can be involved in the chaotic fun.

Don’t let the competitive scene of this game scare you away as playing with friends and family is going to be nothing but endless smashing fun. There’s a reason why many consider this game to be one of the best party games on the Nintendo Switch.

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