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Joshua Furr is a DualShockers features writer from North Carolina (home of Epic games and Pepsi) with a passion for pop culture. Since Sonic's debut on Sega Genesis, he's been completely smitten with video games and Asian content. Currently, you can find him in the middle of Europe either writing for a Japanese tourist site, playing Ocarina of Time with his kids or making music with his hot wife.

Sea of Stars - Feature Cover 1
I May Have Cried While Watching The Sea Of Stars Documentary

Sometimes smoke just gets in your eyes, y'know?

Mortal Kombat - Reptile Feature 1
I Couldn't Be Happier About Mortal Kombat 1's Treatment Of Reptile

After years in the shadows, the dino-man finally gets his due.

devolver digital delays 1
Only Devolver Can Make Delayed Gratification Feel So Good

Super cool things come to those who wait.

Stardew Valley - Greed Feature  1
The Stardew Valley Dev's Lack Of Greed Blows My Mind

ConcernedApe? More like CharitableApe.

marvel needs Deadpool 3 to save the MCU 1
Distracted Boyfriend meme with Link, Zelda, and Purah 1
Bubsy- Feature  1
Remembering Bubsy: The Brittle Bobcat Who Just Couldn't Stop Dying

So many incredibly dumb ways to die.

Tails Solo Game - Feature  1
Sonic Origins Plus - Feature  1
Sweet Lord, Sonic Origins’ Game Gear Ports Are A Hot Mess

Not every game can be a winner...

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs game 1
Screw Exoprimal, This Is The Real Dino Game Capcom Needs To Release

Who needs mech when you've got a Cadillac?

Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels gameplay and Mario with crossed out eyes 1
The Lost Levels Is The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Mario

We were perfectly happy with our radishes and tanuki tails before this little abomination.

Sonic Superstars - Feature  1
Sonic Superstars Looks Cool And All, But It Ain’t No Sonic Mania

We don't need no stinkin' 3D sidescrollers!

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Tulin and Link gameplay 1
Tears of the Kingdom - Independence Feature 1
Tears Of The Kingdom Lets You Return To A Very Special Town

Who knew a trip to Tarrey Town could be so emotionally rich?

tears of the kingdom cosy stables 1
Tears of the Kingdom - Feature 1
Magical Destroyers anime characters 1
Magical Destroyers Is The New Sailor Moon, But Funny And Sexy

Step aside, Usagi Tsukino. The new girls are in town.

mega man 2 deserves respect 1
Mega Man 2 Is Where The Series Really Kicked Into Full Gear

So much for the sophomore slump

Donkey Kong Country - Feature  1
Donkey Kong Country Had The Best Rideable Animals

I mean, how else are a couple of gorillas supposed to get around?

Blue Lock sports soccer anime 1
Blue Lock Is The Battle Royale Sports Anime I Didn't Know I Needed

Turning soccer into a survivalist deathmatch? Hope you're taking notes, FIFA

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