• Undertake training missions for valuable rewards. Completing these missions will earn you new parts, similar to completing fetch quests in an RPG.
  • Choose the right Fire Control System (FCS) for your playstyle. Different FCS options have varying locking-on mechanisms. Select a close-range FCS for up-close combat, a mid-range FCS for high-speed attacks, or a long-range FCS for keeping your distance.
  • Boost before attacking to deal extra damage. Just like in Elden Ring, boosting before using melee attacks or firing your gun will result in higher damage. Boosting also provides additional defense and mobility. Don't overlook its usefulness.

The mecha genre has fallen from grace a bit in recent years. In the 90s, this was one of the biggest genres in both gaming and anime alike. However, it has seen more and more interest recently, and though it is unlikely to ever reach the heights it once did, the genre itself is something that will never die out.

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Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is the latest entry in the long-running franchise that dates back to the first PlayStation. This was before FromSoftware was known as the developer that pioneered the beloved genre of Soulslike games.

10 Walk Before You Fly

Armored Core 6 tips Training

You will have the option of undertaking various training missions in the game. A lot of players want to skip tutorials to just get straight into the action, but you might want to reconsider that decision. When you have completed all of your training missions, you will be rewarded with some new parts.

Don’t think of these as a tutorial, but rather a series of simple challenges to complete. Sort of like doing an early fetch quest in an RPG for something useful.

9 The Fire Control System

Armored Core 6 tips FCS

Every Armored Core Unit has a Fire Control System. Each FCS has a different way of locking onto targets. Use the FCS that best suits your playstyle and the range you regularly fight at. If you are more focused on being really up close and personal with enemies, use a close-range FCS.

If you like to come around corners at high speeds and blast away while closing the gap, a mid-range FCS will make a significant difference. If you keep your distance with long-range guns and heavy ordinance weaponry, you will want a long-range FCS boasting over 260 meters.

8 Make Use Of Your Boost

Armored Core 6 tips Dodge

The latest entry in the franchise has some elements players may find reminiscent of the developer’s other titles. Just like how some players will spam a jump slash for that extra bit of damage in Elden Ring, AC6 encourages you to boost before attacking to deal out extra damage. Using your boost before using a melee attack, or even firing off your gun, will result in the damage being higher than normal.

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Weapons that cause you to stop boosting will not benefit from this — primarily due to them already being so powerful. Your boost is not just for being offensive and being more mobile, though; it also gives you some extra defense. Do not sleep on how useful it is to constantly be boosting around.

7 Go Back For Missed Loot

Armored Core 6 tips Missed Loot

You can reselect and replay past missions thanks to the “Replay Mission” feature. The first benefit of this is that it serves as a means of grinding to get stronger. You can replay missions to make more money to afford more costly parts. This is similar to walking back and forth in a field to gain XP from fighting monsters in a JRPG

The second benefit of this is that it lets you explore to find any hidden items you may have missed. There may be some really useful and powerful parts that will compliment your mech perfectly that you did not know about when you first played the mission, and being able to go back for it later will wash away any anxiety of potentially missing it.

6 Expanded View In The Assembly

Armored Core 6 tips Loadout

Fans of Elden Ring may be familiar with the uses of changing the view when looking through their equipment. This feature is also present in AC while you are looking through your Assembly. This will give you an overwhelming amount of information.

If you are just playing for enjoyment and not really digging deep into all the stats, you won’t need this right now. However, when you want to get into optimal performance and know every little detail about what your mech is capable of, this feature will show you everything.

5 How To Find Hidden Loot

Armored Core 6 tips Scanner

You can use the expanded view mentioned in the previous entry to see the scanning range of your mech’s head part. This will help reveal where hidden loot may be when you replay missions. It is recommended that you use the head with the best scanning available to you when replaying missions to find this loot.

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It is also useful when you don’t know what is around the corner and can reveal enemies on missions you are doing for the first time. However, it is recommended to have the head unit with the best defenses for new missions if you find yourself with a powerful adversary.

4 Collect Your Battle Logs

Armored Core 6 tips Enemy with Battle Log

When you play through a mission, you may find something called a Battle Log. Collecting these logs will unlock new parts for you in the game. If you want to know if you have missed any of these, look through Replay Missions.

It will let you know if you have missed any of these logs and allow you to replay missions. Use a head unit with a good scanner to uncover any other secrets you may have missed. If your target is too much of a challenge once you find them, change your loadout and come back with an optimized mech to take it down and get that Battle log.

3 Everything Costs Money

Armored Core 6 tips Sell (2)

Just like in past Armored Core games, you are charged in-game money for all the resources your mech uses, down to every last bullet you fire off. This is to encourage players not just to go wild and have a wasteful mentality.

Know when to bring out the big guns and when to get up close and personal, and you will maximize your profits from missions. You will be getting your hands on many parts you don’t need and can sell them to turn over even more profit.

2 Buy/Sell Is How You Respec

Armored Core 6 tips Sell

As mentioned before, you can sell all the parts you don’t need. Better yet, you can buy them back for the same price. This turns the shop aspect into a respeccing station thanks to being able to sell all the small stuff you may have lying around for something big you want to try out.

If you don’t like the new stuff you have, sell it and buy back what you had before without worry. If you have a saved design, and you don’t have the parts, you can tell the game to buy all the parts the design needs to be completed if you have enough money for it.

1 Experiment With Loadouts

Armored Core 6 tips Melee Slash

Now that you know how to respec, it is important to know what parts can do. Explore a wide range of parts and try everything out. You may discover something you never thought you would love using, and you can see what weapons perform better in certain scenarios. You get many kinds of weapons, and they will be more beneficial than others at different times and in different missions.

Outfit your loadout with the right parts before launching a mission to dramatically boost the chances of success. Don’t be afraid to test out firing off weapons to try them out; just replay a past mission you know will complete with ease that will also cover all the costs of trying out weapons.

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