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Jack Peachey is a writer of fact and fiction with storied experience across many a medium of writing. He has written articles, scripts, TTRPG rulesets and books to high standards. He's passionate not only about all artforms-from literature to film to gaming and more-but of the analysis and review of them. He wants to see why what works works and why what fails ends up that way.

As proven by his unparalled to rant ad infinitum about the most niche aspects of the most niche media, anything and everything about the written world excites him. He's written many thinkpieces on those pieces of art that have dug themselves into the sprawling array of pop culture and has written, filmed, animated and edited his own creations. Jack knows the creative process and knows how to take that kernel and translate it into compelling written work. He eagerly awaits seeing where his passion for writing and for creating will take him. 

the multiverse is a good thing 1
Miguel O'Hara and the Spider Society chasing Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy through the Spider-Verse 1
The Lord of the Rings Gollum Gameplay 1
Hang On, Where Did All These Developer Apologies Come From?

"Is it too late now to say sorry?" Yes.

apex revenant tv show hype 1
The Revenant Reborn Hype Is Like The Apex TV Show We Never Had

The show might not be going on, but this is a close second.

Invincible And Omni-Man 1
Rayman, Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends gameplay 1
Can We Please Give Rayman His Own Game Again?

It's been ten years! Give him something at least!

AAA games need to change 1
AAA Games Should Drop At Least One Of The 'A's

What do the As even stand for? Nobody ever told me!

Toem A Photo Adventure gameplay 1
More Games Should Start Like Toem

Nothing more and nothing less than one of the best openings I've seen in a game.

miles morales looking sad 1
Phil Spencer of Xbox and Jim Ryan of Playstation with Activision Blizzard characters 1
Ubisoft Blockchain Game Grimoria Chronicles and Robert Downey Jr annoyed meme 1
1-2-Switch Art 1
Nintendo Needs To Take A Hint: The Switch's Gimmicks Are Old News

No, I didn't buy this console so I could pretend to eat a sandwich with the controller.

keep mario weird 1
Star Wars Outlaws Droid character 1
Star Wars Outlaws Finally Gives Droids The 'Serious' Treatment

Now these are the droids I'm looking for!

Xbox Games Showcase 2023 logo 1
The Xbox Showcase Was Cool, But It's No Redemption For Microsoft

They're not out of the woods yet.

terrarria ps3 and xbox 360 versions are strange 1
Terraria Had One Of The Weirdest Console Ports Of All Time

Strange new content? Game-breaking bugs? This port has all that and more.

Atomic Heart and Redfall open world gameplay 1
playstation project q 1
Sooo, What's The Point Of Sony's Project Q?

It's less Nintendo Switch and more Wii U.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance gameplay 1
Why We Need Metal Gear Rising 2

Demand for a sequel is about to skyrocket, like the good ol' days of 2013!

Garden Warfare 2 Herbal Assault 1
The Tragic Story Of Gaming's Most Underrated Trilogy

Garden Warfare may not have been the shooter trilogy we were expecting, but it was the shooter trilogy we deserved.

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