Digimon World 3 fan made remake gameplay 1
Someone Is Remaking My Favorite Childhood Digimon Game And I Can't Sit Still

Maybe Bandai will let it through, unlike some other publisher?

Resonance of Fate 1
I'm Still Obsessed With The Crazy Acrobatic Combat In This Overlooked JRPG

Resonance of Fate was a complex but satisfying experience.

the state of the jrpg genre 1
The Fuss Over The Term 'JRPG' Says A Lot About The State Of The Genre

JRPG or RPG didn't matter when creativity was at the forefront of the industry.

Strongest JRPG: Sora vs Cloud 1
10 Strongest JRPG Protagonists, Ranked

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the strongest of them all?

Octopath Traveler 2 Best Daylight Path Actions Featured Image with Hikari and the rest of the party members around the campfire, a photo of the Grand Terry, and Hikari's official art 1
Octopath Traveler 2: All Daylight Path Actions, Ranked

Mastering your Daylight Path Actions in Octopath Traveler 2 is key to a successful journey throughout Solstia. These are the best in the game.

Collage of the hardest JRPG bosses of all time (Lingering Will, Demi-Fiend, Giygas) 1
10 Hardest JRPG Bosses Of All Time, Ranked

We've seen several difficult bosses in JRPG titles, but these are surely some of the hardest ones we've fought within the genre.

Best JRPG Protagonists Ichiban Cloud Joker 1
10 Best JRPG Protagonists

From Ichiban to Cloud, here are some of the best protagonists we've seen in our most beloved JRPGs.

The Cast From Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love, Radiata Stories, And Ar Tonelico 1
10 Best PS2 JRPGs You Didn't Know Existed

With various JRPGs under the PlayStation 2's belt, many have gone unnoticed. We're breaking down the best that have slipped through your fingers.

Soul of Chronos 1
Chinese RPG Souls of Chronos To Release Next Month Worldwide

Choose the way you fight and how your story will end

Suisen, the Mechanical Magistrate of Disgaea 7, eyes shut and deep in thought. 1
Disgaea 7 Character Trailer Introduces Mechanical Magistrate Suisen

One of Suisen's special moves allows his arms to transform into laser-edged swords, which can slash through any opponent at a supersonic speed.

Atelier Ryza 3 Ryza Stout and Klaudia Valentz, engaged in conversation 1
Koei Tecmo Delays Atelier Ryza 3 Release Until Late March

Producer Junzo Hosoi says that more time will be needed to make the game a "fitting finale" to the Atelier Ryza saga.

Split Image Left Side Original Earthbound Gameplay Right Side Remake Earthbound Gameplay 1
10 JRPGs That Deserve Full Remakes

Some fantastic JRPGs have been left behind over the years. These are the best classics that deserve full modernized remakes.

Nini and Konoha from Loop8: Summer Of Gods stand at the edge of the rural Japanese town Ashihara. 1
XSEED Games Introduces Loop8: Summer Of Gods Protagonist

Exploring rural Ashihara and forming friendships, Novus "Nini" Nemo will save the world or try, try again.

Shadow Hearts From the New World Jhonny and Shania 1
Shadow Hearts' Judgement Ring Made JRPG Turns Less Boring

A massive shake-up of staid JRPG elements.

Suikoden Combat System JRPG gameplay and promo 1
Suikoden's Amazing Combat System Revolutionized JRPGs

Even with 108 unique characters, permadeath hits hard.

Legend of Mana on left, Chrono Trigger in middle, Earthbound on right 1
Final Fantasy
10 Best JRPG Soundtracks Ever Made

JRPGs are indeed fun to play because of their captivating stories, but its their soundtracks that makes this genre one of the best.

Live A Live remake for Nintendo Switch JRPG 1
Live A Live Review (Nintendo Switch)

The Red Thread of Vengeance Connecting Past and Future

Radiata Stories on left, Final Fantasy X in middle, Chrono Cross on right 1
Classic JRPGs Did World-Building Like No Other Games

Wilt thou change this world... Or wilt thou change thyself?

Mato Anomalies Detective Doe and Exorcist Gram 1
New Futuristic JRPG 'Mato Anomalies' Announced For 2023

Mato Anomalies will release on consoles and PC sometime in 2023

Cris Tales official wallpaper 1
Cris Tales Will Be Out in July 2021, Check Out the New Trailer

Modus Games' gorgeous JRPG is set to be released in Summer this year.