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About Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed from Egypt has been covering Japanese and indie games for more than 5 years for local and international outlets. He is very interested in the Japanese language and culture, and is a long term fan of JRPGs, indie games and vIsual novels.

Digimon World 3 fan made remake gameplay 1
Someone Is Remaking My Favorite Childhood Digimon Game And I Can't Sit Still

Maybe Bandai will let it through, unlike some other publisher?

Armored Core 6 Fan Decals 1
Armored Core 6 Players Are Already Making All Sorts Of Cool Decals

Lots and lots of anime inspiration as well.

Tears Of The Kingdom Mineru Mask 1
Tears Of The Kingdom Fan Discovers Hidden Feature For Mineru's Mask

The most surprising way to gain 30 seconds of extra flight time.

Tears Of the Kingdom Zonai Dispenser Statiscs 1
Persona 3 Reload Ken and Shinjiro gameplay 1
Persona 3 Reload To Explore Ken And Shinjiro's Characters In More Detail

Aigis' social link is reconfirmed again to be a part of Reload.

Tears of the Kingdom Rocket Launch 1
Armored Core 6 30 Minutes Boss 1
Dive The Diver All Blue 1
Dave The Diver Was Partly Inspired By One Piece

Yakuza and Metal Gear have also been cited as sources of inspiration.

Yanagi Kun Horimiya 1
Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 8 Release Date And Time

Yanagi's sleeping habits is seemingly the focus of the next chapter.

Geremy Bleach TYBW 1
Bleach: TYBW Part 2 Episode 7 Release Date And Time

Zaraki will fight against the power to make anything a reality.

Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 7 anime 1
Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 7 Release Date And Time

I'll make your heart race! And I'll give my all for Kazuya-Kun!

Yuno and Asta Chapter 368 1
Black Clover Chapter 368 Spoilers Tease Yuno And Asta Reuniting To Defeat Lucius

The two of them vow to become Wizard Kings once again.

Boruto Blue Vortex Color Page 1
Boruto Chapter 81 (Blue Vortex) Spoilers Tease A New Hokage

Konoha has certainly seen better days.

Barret Final Fantasy 7 Remake 1
This Official Deleted Image Has People Guessing If Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Coming To Xbox

The picture shows Barret and his daughter Marlene, even though Final Fantasy 7 Remake is not available on Xbox.

Starfield Pilot Deep Dive 1
Starfield's 'Nasa Punk' Style Feels Uninspired And Cliché

Another realistic imsim, who would have thought?

Tears of the Kingdom Link sky 1
Bloodborne 60 FPS 1
PlayStation 5 Hackers Finally Make Bloodborne At 60 FPS A Reality

Bloodborne, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Gravity Rush 2 all run smoothly at 60FPS on the PS5.

the state of the jrpg genre 1
The Fuss Over The Term 'JRPG' Says A Lot About The State Of The Genre

JRPG or RPG didn't matter when creativity was at the forefront of the industry.

love too easily steam interactive drama 1
I'm Excited To Play The First Interactive Korean Drama Game

The kiss was really that good, it seems.

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart faceshot 1
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