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Umair's a gaming enthusiast who loves to play through artistic Indie Games and delve deep into the lore of whatever Anime he's watching at the time.

Featuring episodes from Attack On Titan, Boruto, and Demon Slayer 1
10 Best Anime Episodes

There are several incredible anime episodes that we can talk about, but these are certainly some of the best ones.

Founding Titan, One For All and Gojo's Limitless 1
10 Most Unique Powers in Anime, Ranked

From One For All to the Sharingan, here are some of the most unique powers we've seen in anime.

Featuring Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan 1
10 Best Animated TV Shows

When it comes to great television, these show are the best of the best!

Blue Beetle's armors and constructs 1
Blue Beetle's Powers And Abilities Explained

Blue Beetle's powers aren't that straightforward, so here's a detailed explanation of its abilities.

Muzan, Tamayo, Ubuyashiki are the top three smartest individuals in the series 1
Demon Slayer: 10 Smartest Characters, Ranked

Demon Slayer might be best known for it's incredible fights, but it's smartest characters can't be forgotten.

Naruto split image Obito, Sasuke and Kaguya with their Ocular Abilities 1
Naruto: 10 Strongest Dojutsu Users, Ranked

From Kakashi Hatake to Sasuke Uchiha, here are some of the most powerful Dojutsu wielders in the world of Naruto.

8-iconic-introverted-anime-characters-1 1
8 Iconic Introverted Anime Characters

From Mob to Captain Levi, here are some of the best and most iconic introverted anime characters we've grown to love.

Bruxa, Leshy and Striga 1
the witcher netflix
The Witcher: 10 Most Powerful Monsters In The TV Show, Ranked

The world of The Witcher is a scary place, in part due to the monsters that inhabit it. Here are the most powerful monsters from the show.

Featuring The Last Wish, The Battle for Kaer Morhen and the general world of The Witcher 1
The Witcher 3: 10 Best Quests, Ranked

The Witcher 3 has a plethora of quests to complete, but which ones are the best?

Posters of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, The Flashpoint Paradox and Batman Under The Red Hood 1
10 Best DC Animated Movies, Ranked

From Batman: Assault On Arkham to Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, here are some of the best animated movies DC has given us.

Yennefer, Tissaia and Triss Merigold 1
the witcher netflix
The Witcher: 10 Most Powerful Mages In The TV Show

From Triss to Yennefer, here are some of the most powerful mages in Netflix's The Witcher.

The Witcher Yennefer of Vengerberg, Geralt of Rivia, Cirilla of Cintra characters from the Netflix show 1
the witcher netflix
Netflix's The Witcher: 10 Most Popular Characters

Netflix's The Witcher flaunts several amazing characters, but these are surely some of the most popular and beloved ones.

Lava bending, Energy bending, Water bending and Fire bending at different points in the series 1
Avatar: All Bending Types, Ranked

Every Bending Type in Avatar is powerful on its own, but here's how they all rank against each other in terms of their efficiency and flexibility.

Light Yagami, Johan Lieburt, Zeke Yeager 1
10 Best Anime Villain Philosophies

From Pain to Light Yagami, here are some of the best anime villains who are driven by fascinating and sometimes relatable philosophies.

Barnabas, Anabella and Ultima are among the villains in FF16 1
Final Fantasy 16: Every Villain, Ranked

Final Fantasy XVI's epic story contains several incredible villains. This list breaks down the best in the game.

Terraria split image screenshots of Mechdusa, Empress of Light and Moonlord bosses 1
Terraria: 10 Hardest Bosses, Ranked

From Skeletron Prime to the Empress of Light, here are the toughest bosses in all of Terraria.

Terraria split image boss battle, two NPC's sprites in front of base and a large base 1
Terraria: 10 Best NPCs, Ranked

From the Goblin Tinkerer to the Guide, these are the greatest and most important NPCs in Terraria.

Split image Hawlucha, Mega Lucario, and Blaziken in battle in the Pokemon anime 1
Pokemon: 10 Best Non-Legendary Fighting Types In The Series, Ranked

From Machamp to Infernape and Lucario, these are some of the greatest Fighting-type Pokemon without Legendary status.

Featuring Galvantula, Scizor, and Pinsir from the Anime 1
Pokemon: 10 Best Non-Legendary Bug Types In The Series, Ranked

Bug-type Pokemon are seriously underrated, and these are the best.

Featuring Gengar, Cubone and Mimkyu as Pokemon with the saddest entries 1
Pokemon: 10 Saddest Pokedex Entries, Ranked

Some Pokedex entries in the Pokemon series are pretty brutal, and these are the saddest.

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