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Animals in Baldur's Gate 3 add a lot of color and context to the events around you as you travel the Forgotten Realms. Whether it's commenting on the weather, cracking a joke, or giving crucial clues for quests, animals can be a source of a lot of exclusive information that would otherwise go unheard if you don't know how to speak to them.

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Luckily, there are multiple options in the game that give players the power to speak with animals, primarily by using the spell descriptively called 'Speak With Animals.' But, certain races have an intrinsic connection with the wild and converse with animals without having to cast this spell.

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How To Talk To Animals

sheep in baldur's gate 3

There are three ways to talk to animals in Baldur's Gate 3.

  1. Use the 'Speak With Animals' Spell.
  2. Drink the Potion of Animal Speaking.
  3. Transform into an animal (Druid).

'Speak With Animals' Spell

a warlock talking to an owlbear using speak with animals spell in baldur's gate 3

The 'Speak With Animals' spell is a level 1 ritual spell obtained by the following classes through level up. On cast, this spell lasts until the next long rest.

Since this spell is a level 1 spell, you can choose to obtain it during Character Creation for your main character. If you don't, you will still have the option to obtain the spell on every level up.

Warlocks have the option to sacrifice a spell slot to get 'Speak With Animals' if they choose Beast Speech as part of their Eldritch Invocations.

Speak With Animals is also the racial trait of one race in Baldur's Gate 3: Forest Gnomes. This means if you pick a Forest Gnome as your character race and pick a class like Rogue, which doesn't usually have access to 'Speak With Animals,' your Forest Gnome will still be able to cast the spell as it is a part of their racial bonuses.

Potion Of Animal Speaking

potion of animal speaking in baldur's gate 3 looted from a chest

Drinking Potion of Animal Speaking casts the 'Speak With Animals' spell on whoever drinks the potion. Like the spell, the potion's effects also last for an entire day. There are three main ways to obtain this potion.

  1. Exploration: In chests, barrels, and sacks of every variety.
  2. Vendors: Merchants in the druid grove often carry a potion. If you're not having any luck, try buying it off of Volo, if he's still in the grove.
  3. Alchemy: You can craft a potion yourself if you have Essence of Accorn Truffle and any Salt.

Transforming Into An Animal

bear form druid talking to an animal in baldur's gate 3 in game image

All Druid characters have two easy options if they want to talk to animals.

  1. Cast Speak With Animals.
  2. Cast Wild Shape to transform into an animal.

At level 2, all Druid subclasses obtain the spell Wild Shape as part of the level-up. Casting it will turn you into your animal of choice for a period of time. Transforming using Wild Shape means that you can interact with any animal and initiate a conversation with them.

Using this option means that you don't have to expend a spell slot to get Speak With Animals as a Druid and rely on your class ability to converse with animals.

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