Dave The Diver creator Game Director Jaeho Hwang and gameplay 1
'We Have More Stories To Tell': Dave The Diver Creator On His Breakout Hit

Game Director Jaeho Hwang talks to us about Dave The Diver's huge success, what inspired it, and what's next.

ssx snowboarding games 1
'We Made SSX 20 Years Too Early:' Creating A Successor To A PS2 Classic

SSX creator, and founder of SuperNatural Studios, talks about his in-the-works snowboarding game.

ea sports big ssx tricky def jam vendetta freekstyle 1
The Story Of EA Sports BIG, When Sports Games Let Go Of Reality

We talk to EA Sports BIG founder Steve Recthschaffner about the craziest period in EA Sports' history.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Update gameplay 1
Diablo 4 Devs Tell Us Why Season 1 Works The Way It Does, And They May Have A Point

Associate Game Director Joe Piepiora talks to us about why Season 1 looks how it does.

outlast trials developers have crazy plans for the future 1
The Outlast Trials Devs Have Some Crazy Ideas For The Future Of The Game

The game's developers talk to us about the game's early success, and its immense possibilities for the future.

david salad fingers devvo firth talks gaming 1
A Chat With David 'Salad Fingers' Firth About Making And Playing Games

The Salad Fingers creator who brought us hit games like Mel Gibson's Safari 3 is getting back into game-making.

Blank Game Studios Featured Image 1
We Spoke To The CDPR Veterans Developing An "Extraordinary Game"

Comprised of CDPR veterans, Blank is trying to break the mould with their debut title.

lego 2k drive garage interview 1
Interview: LEGO 2K Drive's Creators Talk Customization And The Garage

We get the low-down on the Lego 2K Drive garage straight from the mouths of its development team.

A collage of Pikachu, Charizard, Sceptile, Lucario, and Greninja 1
Pokemon: Ash's 10 Most Powerful Pokémon, Ranked

Ash has always had a unique set of Pokemon throughout Pokemon's anime series — these are the best Pokemon he's ever had on his team.

Citizen Sleeper gameplay and its creator Gareth Damian Martin 1
The Making Of Citizen Sleeper, With Its Creator

We explore the themes of Citizen Sleeper with its solo developer Gareth Damian Martin.

Dead Island 2 gameplay and zombies 1
Interview: Rampaging Around Hell-A With Dead Island 2's Director

We chat with the game's director about the most vibrant zombie game in years.

Jerrel Dulay and Silver Falls games 1
We've Found And Spoken To The Last Wii-U Developer On Earth

Abducting The eShop One Last Time...

hunt-showdown-featured 1
How Gaming's Most Nightmarish Online Shooter Was Made

We wade into the making of Hunt: Showdown with its developer Crytek.

Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog electro-shock gun, screen view, Chief character 1
Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog Creator Talks Retro Sci-Fi And Kojima Inspirations

Jonathan Durham talks with DualShockers about his studio's upcoming first title.

amnesia-the-bunker-revolver 1
A Dark Descent Into Amnesia: The Bunker, With Its Creators

The game's Creative Lead Fredrik Olsson explains why the 4th Amnesia will be the scariest yet.

Ian Dorsch, Zero Punctuation, Praey For the Gods 1
Composer Ian Dorsch On His Journey Into Video Game Music

From Zero Punctuation to Praey For The Gods, Dorsch gives us a rocking ballad of lessons and success.

Solium Infernum Infernal Legions 1
Remaking A 'Civilization in Hell' Strategy Game Isn't Easy

Solium Infernum creative director Ty Carey talks turning hell into a strategic battlefield.

romancelvania Princess Cthulhu Cropped 1
Romancelvania's Directors Are Resurrecting Vampire Romance

The only sparkling vampires here are covered in stripper glitter!

E.T. Atari game, Atari 2600 and Howard Scott Warshaw, Yars' Revenge 1
What Was It Like Inside Atari Before The 1983 Video Game Crash?

Howard Scott Warshaw talks Yars' Revenge, Atari at the height of its powers, and making E.T. aka "the worst game ever made."

Weird West gameplay and Raph Colantonio Arkane Studios 1
Weird West Is Much Better Than It Was At Launch, With The Community's Help

WolfEye Studios' Raph Colantonio talks about the importance of community, and the perils of Game Pass.