Metroid's Sa-X Metroid Fusion 1
Metroid's SA-X Is The Scariest Nintendo Character

With lifeless, pale eyes, she stalks us through vents, waiting to strike...

Immortals Of Aveum needs a better story 1
Immortals Of Aveum Needs To Pick A Plot And Stick With It

How many times can you pull the rug out of under us before you run out of rugs?

Stray God collage of Medusa, Grace, and Apollo 1
Stray Gods: Apollo And Medusa's Transformations Stole My Heart

Sometimes the best choice is to try to understand someone else.

Xerneas Raid featured image pokemon go 1
Pokemon Go: Xerneas Raid Guide - Weakness, Counters & Shiny Status

If you're trying to take down Xerneas in Pokemon GO and need some help, this guide can give you the best counters for the legendary beast.

Baldur's Gate 3 gameplay 1
Sure, Baldur's Gate 3 Is A Great Immersive Sim, But What Does That Mean?

What's that? You can stack 45 boxes on top of each other to vault over a wall and skip a chunk of the game? Congrats, you're an immersive sim.

Sea of Stars - Feature Cover 1
I May Have Cried While Watching The Sea Of Stars Documentary

Sometimes smoke just gets in your eyes, y'know?

Digimon World 3 fan made remake gameplay 1
Someone Is Remaking My Favorite Childhood Digimon Game And I Can't Sit Still

Maybe Bandai will let it through, unlike some other publisher?

delta force hawk ops 1
Classic FPS Delta Force Is Making A Comeback, But Why Is It Trying To Be CoD?

The original game was a trendsetter for tactical shooters, but this looks like its following an oversaturated trend.

turok 3 boss final 1
Turok 3 Didn't Need A Remaster, But It'll Need Plenty Of Remastering

The forgotten third entry in the N64 trilogy wasn't great, but if anyone can salvage it, Nightdive can.

Mortal Kombat 1 taunts and fatalities gameplay 1
Mortal Kombat 1's Biggest Problem Has Been Fixed

If you felt that that Mortal Kombat 1 was too slow, then these changes are for you.

Untitled design-34 1
DBZ Kakarot's New DLC Is The Perfect Callback To Dragon Ball's Best Arc

Forget from Raditz to Buu, we're going back to Piccolo.

too old to be good at call of duty 1
I Finally Came Back To Black Ops, But I'm Too Old To Be Good

War never changes. But your reflexes do, and not for the better.

starfield on playstation portal 1
PlayStation Portal May Be The Only Way To Play Starfield On A Sony Console

... and I still don't think it's worth it.

ff16 characters eating and drinking 1
In Final Fantasy 16, Even The Heroes Need To Catch A Break Sometimes

It's great to see a game that shows heroes resting, eating, and getting a good bit of R&R.

Mortal Kombat - Reptile Feature 1
I Couldn't Be Happier About Mortal Kombat 1's Treatment Of Reptile

After years in the shadows, the dino-man finally gets his due.

Marvel Snap gameplay card game 1
After 1000 Hours, I've Realised I Need To Quit Marvel Snap

If you're doing something on autopilot for weeks, maybe it's time to quit.

Final Fantasy 10 Jecht gameplay 1
After A Big Life Event, I Finally 'Get' Final Fantasy 10’s Jecht

I appreciate Jecht more after meeting my real father.

Starfield start screen and gameplay promo 1
No, You Can't Judge Starfield By A Screenshot Of Its Start Screen

Saying that a dev doesn’t care about the game because of a start screen is the worst kind of over-analysis.

Stray Gods Freddie Collage 1
Sorry, Stray Gods, But It Was Really Hard To Get Behind Freddie

It's not easy to accept a best friend you don't even know.

Ni No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom Solosseum Victory Screen With Xbox Achievement PlayStation 4 and 5 Platinum Trophies Steam Achievement Ribbon and Crying angry Emoji 1